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Technology competence MF welding

Resistance welding is a welding procedure for electrically conductive materials based on the Joulean heat of an electric current flowing through the joint. The parts to be joined are heated until the welding temperature is reached, and are welded together where they touch by applying a force to solidification of the molten material ("melt"), by diffusion or in solid phase.

The most commonly used welding procedures are resistance spot welding and resistance projection welding. The welding point is heated and the "melt" solidified by the implementation of a force. By concentrating the current on a specific area, it is possible to achieve a current density, which is sufficient to melt the parent materials.

Subject to concept and cycle length, we develop solutions based on robotic welding systems, as well as special, portal-based systems.


We provide turnkey welding systems including the welding equipment, extraction, component transport within the plant and the welding apparatus.


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