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Technology competence Laser welding

Laser beam welding is primarily used to weld components, which have to be jointed with a high welding speed, a narrow and more streamlined weld shape and a low thermal distortion. Laser beam welding or laser welding is usually carried out without the addition of an additive.

The laser beam is focused by means of optics. The workpiece surface of the edge, i.e. the joint of the components to be welded, is in the immediate vicinity of the focus of the optics (in the focal spot). Laser penetration welding is distinguished from heat conduction welding.

We offer expert and solution-oriented advice, regardless of the laser beam producer (fibre, washer or diode) and the ideal welding equipment. We work with you to develop your solution – from developing the component to the systems concept to the finished machine.

Subject to concept and cycle length, we develop solutions based on robotic welding systems, as well as special, portal-based systems.


We provide turnkey welding systems including the welding equipment, extraction, component transport within the plant and the welding apparatus.


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