ct tec-center for process safety

The ct tec-center provides great support in developing innovative solutions for your most demanding welding tasks.

Our tec-center offers the technical welding of your devices to shorten the delivery time for your serial systems. This process runs in parallel to the installation of your system.

conntronic's ct tec-center offers an extensive range of services covering a wide range of processes. Regardless of whether your production process requires a feasibility analysis; whether you require an initial small batch to validate a process; or whether the prototypes need to be mapped ready for processing.

Resistance welding, focus on CD welding:

  • CD24-45T pneumatic 24kJ, 45kN

  • CD8-6L crank drive 8kJ, 6kN

  • CD144-200P hydraulic 144kJ, 200kN

  • CD welding gun

Laser cell with remote welding and conventional cutting:

  • Yaskawa MC2000

  • Blackbird Robot Sync Unit

  • Scanlab Intelliweld 30FC (remote scanner)

  • Precitec SolidCutter 100/100

  • Fibre laser IPG 4kW

Robot cell with laser welding gun and/or MF spot welding gun:

  • KUKA KR150

  • IPG laser seam stepper (LSS 2)

  • Fibre laser IPG 3 kW


  • MF spot welding gun or CD spot welding gun

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