ergonomics reinvented

At Euroblech 2014, conntronic presented the first CD/MF welding machine that can be ergonomically adapted to suit the user and their needs. It increases the performance of employees, as well as reliability and efficiency.

conntronic Ergo machine

The concept behind the machine is the first of its kind in the world and is patent pending.

By entering the required data, the following aspects of the work space are automatically adapted to the worker in question

- workpiece holder

- user interface

- component supply

- component transfer.

Individual body sizes and postures can be taken into account.

The automatic height adjustment of the work area up to 200 mm means that equipment of various heights can be easily affixed. There is no need for extensive modifications.

You can switch between standing and seated activity in seconds. The settings can be saved for each employee and recalled at any time. The machine is also suitable for wheelchair users.

conntronic was awarded an innovation prize for the Ergo machine at EuroBlech 2014 in the automation category.


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