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Technology competence CD welding

CD welding (capacitor discharge welding) is a high-quality resistance welding procedure. It offers considerable advantages over conventional welding procedures thanks to the cost-effective production of large batches and the option of welding different types of materials.

CD welding mainly differs from conventional resistance welding in terms of the nature of the energy supply. The energy required for welding is supplied via capacitors, rather than directly from main power, and is discharged in a brief high-current pulse.

As a result, the system load from the welding procedure remains constant throughout and thus amounts to only a fraction of that used by other resistance welding procedures.

The short welding times also mean that very little heat is emitted in the fusion zone. This makes it possible to weld components with very different thicknesses, with the utmost contour accuracy and without tempering colours.


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The benefits are obvious:

  • Welding in milliseconds (8 ms - 25 ms)

  • Precision welding without warpage

  • High welding currents (80 kA to 1,000 kA) with minimum supply connection

  • Welding of highly conductive materials (copper, brass, silver, bronze) and mixed compounds

  • Welding of components with different profiles and materials

  • Welding of hot-formed steels (1,500 MPa)

Subject to concept and cycle length, we develop solutions based on robotic welding systems, as well as special, portal-based systems.


We provide turnkey welding systems including the welding equipment, extraction, component transport within the plant and the welding apparatus.


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