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The most important things that I have achieved are the things that the experts said I couldn’t do.   Henry Ford

Welding system solutions

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conntronic is highly specialised in selected industries. As a result, our customers know that they are dealing with real experts in the field. Our customers benefit from the many years of experience and the sector-specific expertise of our conntronic engineers in the automotive, white goods, construction, heating and plumbing industries.

White goods
Construction, Heating & Plumbing
ct services

Machines do not adhere to schedules; production stoppages are unpredictable and reduce profits. conntronic has developed a range of services for this.

Spare parts
Training sessions
ct standard machines

Our many years of experience and close co-operation with our customers have allowed us to provide a range of machines that can be used for a vast array of purposes thanks to their performance data and dimensions. Thus we are able to optimise delivery times, and our customers benefit from the common parts used in the machines.


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